We guarantee our solution have implemented our Artificial Intelligence Principles adopted by our Executive Committee in 2018, thus avoiding bias and ensuring appropriate use of information and transparency. To do so, we are committed to designing, developing, and using AI that is:

Eco Smart solutions verified by AENOR

According to various reports, technologies like 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain, among others, when applied to sectors such as industry, transport, cities, etc., can help reduce global CO2 emissions by 15% by the year 2030.

Most of the solutions we offer at Telefónica Tech for the digital transformation of companies generate direct, significant and measurable environmental benefits for our customers, with the aim of developing solutions that promote green digitalisation.

These solutions have been verified with the Eco Smart seal by the independent entity AENOR, and ensure that almost 60% of Telefónica Tech's portfolio generates a positive environmental impact on the production processes or daily activity of our customers, helping them to develop their business in a more efficient and sustainable way.

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