We guarantee our solution have implemented our Artificial Intelligence Principles adopted by our Executive Committee in 2018, thus avoiding bias and ensuring appropriate use of information and transparency. To do so, we are committed to designing, developing, and using AI that is:

The Eco Smart seal clearly displays the environmental benefits generated by a selection of Telefónica Empresas digital products and services so that our clients can quickly find out how they can help to protect the environment if they subscribe to them. This information can also help them to incorporate sustainability criteria into their purchasing decisions. These solutions are geared towards companies of different sizes in the key sectors, including tourism, industry, logistics and distribution, retail and banking. Based on a fully renewable and low-emission network, our Eco Smart cloud, IoT, big data and artificial intelligence services reduce energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions and promote the circulation economy. Their benefits are verified by AENOR.

Digital solutions that help companies to increase their energy efficiency and sustainability to enable us to protect our planet together

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