IoT Partners is the IoT partner relationship ecosystem that allows you to differentiate yourself and accelerate your growth in the commercialisation of managed connectivity and IoT devices hand in hand with Telefónica Tech, improving mutual capillarity and scalability.

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Where are we?

Partner journey

Meet the partner journey

It s really easy to become our IoT partner, and we show it in the partner journey infographic, where we explain all the steps to complete the process of joining the programme. Lets see how this journey begins!

  • 1. Registration

    Easy access to the registration form.

  • 2. Agreement

    Global and standard contractual framework (Framework Agreement + Indirect M2M Service Agreement).

  • 3. Welcoming and day-to-day

    Special pricing and partner-specific self-management tools. Specialised support from a Sales Manager.

Do you have doubts regarding which solutions are ideal for your business? We have at your disposal a team specialised in your sector that can help you clarify them.

What does the IoT Partners Programme offer?

The managed connectivity solution, developed with Telefonica Techs own resources, which allows you to control and monitor your lines in real time and remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy global coverage with a single SIM. Our global SIM enables IoT partners to integrate our services into their global supply chain processes and reduce complexity and costs. Enjoy a consistent service across the footprint you need, extending the service around the world.

A simple pre-defined contractual framework for each geography and type of partner.
Only applicable to partners who will have a direct relationship with Telefónica Tech (Tier-1 partners).

A simple and flexible pricing structure enables faster time to market for our IoT partners. Pre-approved cumulative discounts on a standard price list coexist with ad-hoc special pricing when needed.

In addition to the Kite Platform, IoT partners benefit from an additional set of unique transactional tools that allow them to operate anytime, anywhere. Digitalising the relationship with our partners increases efficiency, ensuring that things happen right the first time.


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