The ThinX is an open lab so clients, partners and institutions can simulate the real-world operation of any IoT project prior to mass deployment. It is one of the worlds most advanced and best equipped IoT environments, featuring state-of-the-art radio access, such as LPWA technologies (NB-IoT, LTE-M, etc.).

  • Resolution of any communications incident affecting the laboratory infrastructure.
  • Support for engineering testing.
  • Specification of the connectivities supported by the Telefónica Group that are best suited to IoT use cases.
  • Support in the commissioning of communication integration modules.
  • Access to lower-level consultancy services to optimise the IoT solution.
  • Access to Telefónica Techs Device Certification Programme
  • Comprehensive set of test tools: coverage levels, environmental conditions and battery consumption.

Participating in any process also paves the way to either accessing Telefónicas product catalogue to offer solutions to our clients, or becoming a preferred Telefónica partner in the markets within our footprint.

Accelerate your IoT solution with The ThinX Labs

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