By using visual elements such as charts and maps, these visualisations provide an understanding of the data, their trends and the existing patterns. These tools are essential when it comes to analysing large volumes of information and ensuring that the decision-making is data driven. The dashboards generated are the result of implementing a data visualisation strategy for each project, including the requirements phase, design phase, development phase and production phase and, finally, the result exploitation phase. As a result of this strategy, we can help companies to translate large volumes of data into valuable insights and enable them to view them in real time, with either commercial tools or customised developments based on open-source software. This service also includes the execution of all the tasks prior to and after the development of the dashboards, including the ingestion of the information sources, the initial data processing, the quality analysis, the data transformation, the generation of KPIs and the tool training and maintenance.

Sectors to which we apply Data Visualisation

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