A Big Data platform allows the ingestion, storage, processing and exploitation of large volumes and types of data for the development of use cases and applications. It facilitates the adjustment of the customer’s needs in terms of data source typologies, volumetry, data access, security levels, regulations and data consumption, and applying it to the current or future use cases of our customers is a mammoth task. We must select the deployment model (cloud or on-premise), the services required from the huge variety available (providing a consistent vision for all the developments to be executed on the platform), their execution models (real time, near real time and batch) and the data governance to size the underlying infrastructure in keeping with all the decisions made. It’s also responsible for creating an application flow that allows the application of Agile, DevOps and MLOps methodologies to reduce the production start-up times of the business use cases from their conceptualisation to their exploitation by the customers.

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