The AI Suite integrates the business vision into technical capability in a tool so simple to use that it removes all the friction points hindering the expected expansion of Artificial Intelligence. The first thing it resolves is the establishment of a common context and language to enable the business and technical profiles to understand each other. One of the main risks for any Machine Learning project appears at the beginning of the project. It’s essential for everyone involved to understand the data available and their quality. We therefore offer data profiling that provides crucial information when it comes to defining the objective sought after and its feasibility. The AI Suite corrects any dataset to make it “Machine Learning Ready”. This means that, regardless of the data introduced onto the platform, it’s capable of adapting it to facilitate the model training. It also provides a project context, allowing iteration in the creation of models in order to obtain the one that produces the best results. In this regard, two interactive reports are presented for each candidate model. An executive one that can interpret the models, understand the benefits of their use and decide how to exploit them. And a technical one, in which the metrics and data of the model can be ascertained. Other elements to which the AI Suite brings simplicity and transparency are the governance of the datasets and models and the selection of variables for the models and their dependencies with each other.

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