It is the only one capable of predicting the mental health status of each patient on the spot.The solution helps healthcare staff to detect and monitor neurological and mental illnesses in early stages, through speech analysis, identifying vocal biomarkers and with an accuracy of 93%.

The solution is based on a preventive and non-invasive AI platform for the early detection of cognitive impairment, which is automated through speech analysis. This will enable screening of patients for referral to specialist/treatment, improving and optimising the service from the point of view of the patient, the professional and the hospital manager.

It is a 60-second speech analysis test, in which the algorithms will detect if there are memory problems and understand how we store and retrieve knowledge.

After a few minutes, they will send the results (via email or API), through a report that shows the state of mental and neurological health, if it is Excellent, Good or Altered, as well as other relevant characteristics of our mental state.

Sectors in which we apply eHealth solutions


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