The Frutas Mifra farm grows cherries in the Codos region, selling to countries like France, Germany and Abu Dhabi, countries with high quality standards. The Frutas Mifra cultivation area is more than 65 hectares in size with steep slopes and difficult access areas, making the control of the irrigation system a complex and inefficient task and requiring precise control of the amount of water reaching each tree. The smart irrigation solution implemented allows the farm technicians to ensure the quality of the fruit and understand what is happening in the crop. SPHERAG´s IoT devices with Telefonica's NB-IoT connectivity now allow the irrigation valves to be opened or closed remotely, taking into account the crop's humidity and temperature data detected by sensors. This system makes it possible to optimise water use, reducing water consumption by more than 30%, while also detecting leaks.

What others say about us

    Frutas Mifra

    “Thanks to Telefónica Tech and Shepard's smart irrigation solution, we have managed to have a smart farm. We have achieved savings of 25% in fertilisers and 30% in water and a great optimisation of the time spent on tasks on the farm itself.”

    Diego Vicente Gimeno, Production Manager at Frutas Mifra