GO fit is a leading sports and physical activity company firm with 20 years of experience that bases its activity on the development and promotion of large sports complexes. They have 1,000 employees, more than 200,000 clients and 18 sports centers in Spain and 2 in Portugal. It was essential for them to know the flow analysis and the use of the deployed zones and machinery in order to be able to make business decisions based on data. They had tried solutions such as people counting, beacons, and RDFI with little success in the insights obtained and a high cost of deployment of the technical solutions.

What others say about us

    go fit

    “This is a flagship project in the application of technology to improve our services and another step in the company's continuous disruption in the search for the best possible experience for our customers. Technology can and must be an ally in the construction of an active and sustainable society”.

    Alfonso Arroyo, Member of the GO fit Presidential Office