Auth4Art currently hosts in its Marketplace more than 200 digital artworks by 3 different authors, including Cristóbal Toral. Its platform registers and authenticates both physical and digital artworks through Blockchain technology. It also offers the author the possibility to decide whether his work will be public or not, to generate an NFT of it and to put it up for sale through an auction or direct sale in a controlled environment. Each author has complete control of each of their works and knows with total security any sale or transfer event as they are registered in Blockchain and validated by the author themselves. This is possible thanks to TrustOS authenticity certificates, digital certificates with legal validity that ensure the authorship and ownership of digital content traded as NFTs.

What others say about us


    “We offer an ecosystem focused on the management of both physical and digital works of art. We consider it essential to offer the best guarantees of authenticity, authorship and ownership of a work of art, for which we have external devices and Blockchain certificates. We rely on Telefónica Tech to reinforce these guarantees and offer added value."

    Pablo de Vargas, CEO AUTH4ART