A suitable implementation strategy will be essential in order to move forward smoothly and sustainably over time. The healthcare sector is facing major challenges, particularly the ageing of the population and the rise in chronic illness that this entails.
These challenges put the sustainability of the healthcare system at risk, so efficiency will be a crucial asset to have in delivering care, as patients increasingly require more attention and an excellent experience. At Telefónica Tech we believe that technology will enable a response to these challenges.

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Data is a high-value asset, and the basis for improving healthcare provision, and as such should be treated strategically. Optimal management and good data governance are essential for the successful deployment of Artificial Intelligence and interoperability between systems.

Solutions that ensure the right use of hospital resources, whether they are physical (equipment, material and professionals) or digital assets (data, connectivity, etc.). The possibility of merging the physical and digital worlds leads to the optimisation of resources and making better care decisions.

Improving the quality of life of patients through monitoring, control and appropriate care wherever they are, moving towards personalised medicine.

We are experts in Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and we help you improve the decision-making process in your organization, accompanying you on the journey towards the digital transformation of your organization towards a data-driven company.

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