Improving the efficiency of waste collection is a key element of everyday life as the population of cities is expected to grow.
Waste management has currently a lot of room for improvement both from an economic point of view as well as in terms of citizens lives. This is due to various factors such as, for example, containers filling up unpredictably, which sometimes results in waste appearing on the public highway and polluting the environment.
Also, from the point of view of collection planning, containers that have hardly been used are often emptied in such a way that resources are not efficiently managed.
This is why digital solutions are an essential ingredient to realise the end-to-end process. It is possible to collect information in real time on the status of containers using connected devices and other types of technologies belonging to the Internet of Things, and to plan efficient routes based on the need for collection, which is essential for achieving a circular economy and preserving the environment.
Telefónica Tech has solutions that enable end-to-end waste management and traceability.

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