Due to the increase of population in cities, environmental, light or noise pollution tends to increase, so the monitoring of these parameters is increasingly used to evaluate the quality of life in cities.
Among all the parameters, one of the most important to take into account is air quality, as minimising air pollution is a priority in population centres. All this makes it necessary to develop new technological solutions to help mitigate this problem. Real-time monitoring of pollution data allows metropolitan areas to analyse the current traffic situation in the city and make decisions accordingly. The deployment of IoT-based sensors has considerably changed the dynamics of air quality prediction. In addition, the potential effects of climate change on air quality make it urgent to develop new solutions for monitoring air pollutant concentrations.
Environmental measurement systems can be used to measure different environmental parameters, such as monitoring noise, outdoor conditions, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration: or measuring physical processes such as wind speed and direction, meteorological phenomena, e.g., rainfall.

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