The digital transformation of the logistics sector and the current situation is accelerating the emergence and adoption of new trends all along the supply chain, such as the robotisation of warehouses and spaces, green transport, new capacity-based business models utilising the capillarity of the sectors operational force, or using information to improve the customer experience. In the same way, the evolution of the logistics sector presents new challenges to be addressed to ensure companies retain their competitive capacity, such as adapting to changes in the consumption model, available capacity and operational needs, managing operational risks at the different stages of the supply chain, or improving operational efficiency by reducing costs and risks.

Discover how to digitally transform your supply chain

Warehouses with the best carrier-class communications as the basis for their digitisation and automation of the reception, storage, intralogistics and picking processes.

Solutions that integrate people, goods and transport to facilitate your logistics operations.

Digitisation of the fleet to increase safety, reduce its environmental impact and lower management and operational costs.

Digital transformation of the operational force to facilitate last-mile task management and improve the end customer relationship and experience.

Efficient supply chain management is closely related to the visibility of elements such as loading and the fleet throughout the supply chain. IoT and Blockchain technologies, together with mobile communications, enable key use cases to solve challenges in asset tracking and traceability.

Get the maximum value from the data collected throughout the supply chain by defining and implementing a data-driven strategy based on four pillars: Business Needs, Data, Technology and Organisational Capacities.

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