The new role of consumer in the future drift in the connection of increasingly distributed resources, the efficient operation of the system as a whole and its real-time monitoring and management, which requires increasingly smarter grids From a technological point of view, digitalisation rests upon three pillars: 1. Sensors and actuators, 2. Connectivity and 3. Data processing. Collecting and recording information alone is not enough. You need to move that information to where you can process, evaluate and analyse it. At the core of this are communications networks. The digitalisation of electricity grids needs to be accompanied by regulation that enables and encourages its deployment. All participants in the system, from consumers and distributors to equipment manufacturers, need a sufficient incentive supported by such regulation. In this regard, barriers to consumer participation should be removed, interoperability of systems should be ensured and digital assets should be considered as an integral and essential part of investment plans. At Telefónica Tech we have a set of solutions that allow us to guarantee the appropriate development of the digitalisation of electricity grids, taking into account the technological, regulatory and economic aspects mentioned above.

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