Data-driven organisations allow all company processes to be orient around data, helping to streamline company processes, improve business results, and reduce fraud and risks. Traditional organisational structures and ways of working must evolve to ensure that they are capable of integrating the assumptions that data orientation requires:

  • All activities employing advanced analytics must be aligned with corporate strategy and feed insights back into that strategy so as to pivot quickly in the face of market changes.
  • All company processes should be designed or adapted to take into account how the potential data generated in the process will be handled.
  • Data is a corporate asset and should be placed in governed repositories that available for consumption and open to the organisation.
  • The companys employees have a data-driven culture that has them both feed the systems with high quality data and analyse it to generate valuable insights.
  • Technological infrastructures and systems are adequately sized and deployed to enable mechanisms for the ongoing integration of analytical models.
  • Social network listening tools are established to understand the publics perception and prevent or mitigate potential reputational crises.

Products for the Data-Driven Organisation

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