Smart Retail

What is Smart Retail?

Smart Retail is also known by other names such as connected shops, IoT shops or future shops. In short, a smart store is a traditional commercial store that has undergone a digital transformation and has adapted its spaces with new functionalities thanks to IoT devices in order to offer its customers a better user experience. Brands are striving to translate the advantages of online commerce to the physical points of sale to attract new customers, increase sales and increase brand loyalty.

Thanks to the IoT devices that can be installed in a physical store, stores can obtain and analyse large quantities of anonymous data to better understand the customer’s behaviour in the store and therefore measure and improve the performance in a point of sale. Decision making can no longer be led by intuition, but instead follow insights obtained from the data collected.

This data can be collected by means of an infinite number of devices and can influence the communication plan of a specific campaign depending on the objective to be achieved.