What is Github?

Git is a version control system that has become very popular in recent years. This is due to its great power and versatility, which has led thousands of free software projects to migrate their repositories to Git. This popular version of control on several occasions requires the knowledge of somewhat concrete commands.

GitHub is a non-profit company that offers a hosting service for repositories stored in the cloud. Its interface is used by millions of employees of large companies such as Google or Facebook. Such has been its success that the company was bought by Microsoft last year for 7.5 billion dollars.

After its purchase, Microsoft released its new artificial intelligence engine called Adam in GitHub, which they claim is even faster than Google's despite its tiny infrastructure. Adam is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning project capable of learning and working with complex issues.

In its first phase, the project is based on object recognition, something we have already seen in other artificial intelligence engines such as Amazon's Firefly. To train this recognition, Adam has a database of over 10 million images that are divided into different categories. After completing this recognition phase, it is hoped that Adam will be able to answer any questions or clarify any doubts he may have about beings or objects.

GitHub is based on the collaboration between users encouraging several developers to experiment with open source and share their different projects and ideas. That's why Microsoft has chosen to make Adam's code public. Nowadays a large part of the programming consists of assembling and modifying code that has already been written, and all this code tends to be gathered in GitHub, a platform accessible to all users.