Data Science

What is Data Science?

In recent years there has been a lot of controversy about the term Data Science. The process of analyzing data has been called many things, depending on the current trends in Business and Marketing at the time. D ata Mining was the term of the 90’s, and this moved to Data Analytics in 2006 (hand in hand with the introduction of Google Analytics). Although the term Data Science firm came about in 1996, it wasn’t until 2009 that it gained popularity.

Data Science is a field of Big Data with the objective of extracting and interpreting the relevant information contained in the huge amounts of data that is generated by the business’ own activity and its relationships with third parties (clients, the market etc). To do this, Data Scientists design, develop and create complex mathematical algorithms based on statistical programming, machine learning and other methodologies. These algorithms are the foundation that allows decision-making tools to exists, and to make decisions in a more informed way that is “data-driven”. To do all this, the scientists work with tools that allow them to manage large amounts of data in a secure and efficient way, and therefore create visualizations that allow insights and behavioral patterns to be detected and understood.

Therefore, a Data Scientist has a perspective that is more open and holistic. It is a job that is closely related to discovery and research, and goes that one step further to find solutions to concrete problems and aims to define business strategies for the future.