Cognitive intelligence

What is Cognitive Intelligence? How is it different to Artificial Intelligence?

Cognitive Intelligence, as well as being a part of Artificial Intelligence, is an area that mainly covers the technology and tools that allow our apps, websites and bots to see, hear, speak and understand the needs of the user through natural language. They are they AI apps that allow machines to learn their users’ language so that the users don’t have to learn the language of machines. AI, for its part, is a much wider concept that includes technology and innovations such as robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, neural networks, NLP etc.

Cognitive services, for the most part, aim to imitate rational human processes. These services analyze large amounts of data that is generated by connected systems. They offer tools with diagnostic, predictive and predictive capabilities that are able to observe, learn and offer Insights, suggestion and even automatic actions. They are strongly orientated to contextual and human interaction. As such, for experts the challenge of artificial intelligence is to adapt the technology to that people can interact with in in a natural and daily way. They aim to create application capable of human learning, such as:

  • Listening and speaking, or rather the ability to turn audio to text and text to audio.
  • Natural Language Processing. Text is not just a combination of keywords, a computer needs to understand grammatical and contextual connections too.
  • Understanding emotions and feelings (“sentiment analysis”). To create empathetic systems capable of understanding the emotional state of a person and to make decisions based on this.
  • Image recognition. This consists of finding and identifying objects in an image or video sequence. It is a simple task for humans, but a real challenge for machines.