Artificial Intelligence of Things (AI of Things)

What is Artificial Intelligence of Things?

When artificial intelligence and IoT, Big Data technologies join forces, so that "things are able to learn, share information with each other and make decisions in an almost unattended way" in order to help organizations make decisions that improve people's lives.

To do this, this ecosystem of change is supported by other technological pillars that are being born adjacent to that combination of IoT and BigData/AI, such as:

  • The immediacy of new connectivity technologies (e.g. 5G) that provide high bandwidths and minimum latencies,
  • The flexibility and scalability of deployment models in the Cloud along with the distribution of computing capabilities closer to the things themselves (e.g. Edge Computing),
  • The increasingly advanced models of predictive (i.e. things know what is going to happen) and prescriptive (i.e. things tell us what to do to make certain things happen or not) analytics.

Or distributed computing models (swarm intelligence) in which, similar to a colony of ants or bees, small pieces of information distributed among many subjects (in this case, our connected things) are able to generate superior value.

Bringing together the capabilities of IoT and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a technology that further connects things with people; in a connection that brings closer and inspires new and better solutions for all:

  • From smarter and more flexible connected factories, to mobility solutions based on data collected from thousands of cars.
  • From patient care solutions using predictive metrics to improving crop quality efficiently.
  • From the personalization of the entire customer experience to improvements in the overall sustainability of cities...
In short, it is about intelligence connected to things whose purpose is to help organizations make decisions that improve people's lives.