Smart Cities

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City is a scenario in which technology is used to improve different infrastructures for citizens. It is a space with millions of devices and connected IoT solutions where the main challenge is how to manage the huge volume of data in real time and in a useful, efficient and integrated way.

To turn a physical space into an Intelligent City requires a combination of people, both technological and creative minds to achieve sustainability and efficiency. Everything from public transport to energy can be connected and, in some way, citizens are given the tools to bring greater value to the city.

What do smart cities achieve?

The goal is to build cities that are more accessible to citizens and where they can be made more profitable:
  • Inclusion of all citizens in public life
  • Improvement of resource distribution: through energy saving, lighting or water distribution systems
  • Increased loyalty among citizens and visitors
  • Cultural industry: entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing
  • Intelligent mobility with efficient transport
  • Sustainability with the environment

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